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We make every effort to have our clients take control of our issues as much as feasible. To be clear, we are always collaborating to make our platform more useful than before. To be honest, we will work on our clients’ favorite themes. We will be able to boost our reputation while also satisfying readers by doing so. That’s why we’d appreciate it if you could write to us and share your thoughts on what you’re talking about..


Please send your article to [email protected] through email.

Google Docs or MS Word should be used as the post format.

Images should be included in the email as an attachment ( copyright free )

Accepting Guest Contributions

  • Website Development
  • Small Business
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Cloud Computing
  • Internet of Things
  • Information Technology
  • Machine Learning
  • Robotics
  • Renewable Energy Sources
  • Digital currencies
  • Security
  • Cyber security
  • Software Development
  • Internet
  • Apps Development
  • Social Media
  • PC & Mobile Gaming
  • Smartphones & Accessories
  • Laptops & Accessories
  • Technological advancements in Different Fields
  • Technology News
  • &
  • All Other Topics Related to Technology

Submission Guidelines

  • Submit Thoroughly researched and original articles.
  • The articles must provide unique value and exposure to the reader. The article submitted must not have been submitted elsewhere before.
  • Review your written article twice to ensure proofreading, structure, and grammatical mistakes.
  • Casino, CBD, Betting, gambling, loans, and Adult content is  not allowed.
  • The article must be of at least 800+ unique and SEO-friendly words.
  • You can include One do-follow relevant links, and we have all rights reserved to remove irrelevant links permanently.
  • We can assist you in replacing your link (Just in case) one time. We will never insert your additional links (If requested).
  • You must submit another article to get new links.
  • We have all rights reserved to insert internal or external links anywhere in the post according to Keywords or SEO requirements.
  • Affiliate links and URL shorter are not allowed.
  • You must include necessary images, graphs, and screenshots related to the article. The images you attach must not be copyright protected. However, You can mention sources for ease of the editor.
  • We don’t include more than two images in one post.
  • littletalky editorial is working hard, and you need to be patient; your article will be published within 24 to 48 hours.

What you must have to provide us

  • Article 800+ words (Microsoft Word Document only)
  • Featured Image 1000×600
  • Provide images as separate attachments, Don’t insert images in the article.
  • Focus key phrase (Don’t Link Focus key phrase or keyword)
  •  20$ for normal posts (Same for link insertion)


We have all rights reserved to remove links or published articles if we received a copy-write claim by any third party; however, the claimer must provide us with complete proof.

We will reject your article if you don’t follow our Submission Guidelines.

Our price is fixed and final for everyone, so please don’t try to bargain or contact us for a discount unless we receive bulk orders (5 or more) during a month. We offer a free guest post after every 5th post. However, the normal price will remain the same