Add An Admin To Facebook Group

Add an Admin to Facebook Group

Facebook is one of the top used social media networking sites among Instagram, TikTok Videos and some other great applications these days. The main reason for its popularity is its cool features such as messaging, sharing pictures, etc. A Facebook Group is a place where a group of people can communicate to discuss and share their common interests. You’ll find a way how to add an admin to the Facebook group in this article.

A Facebook group lets people come together to connect, communicate interests, discuss issues, post photos and share related content around a common cause, topic or operation.

When you create a group then automatically you are an admin of this group. Since you have the ability to add or remove people of this group, and you are alone managing or modifying this group.

The problem is always how to add admin to the Facebook group in most cases after group creation as some kind of group wants more than one admin depending on the group size.

I’ll give you easy steps in this article on how to connect admin to the Facebook group.

Let’s carry on.

How to add admin to the Facebook group

1. Sign ito your Facebook account.

2. Now click on the Groups tab as shown in the below figure.

On the left side of your screen, a group icon has written as “Groups” which is located under the “Explore tab” as shown in the below figure.


3. ⠀Click on the Group you want to add another admin or moderator.

You will see awaiting group invites (the invites you haven’t already accepted), just below where it begins, right there you can see something such as “Groups You Manage” and then you’ll find the groups both of you are handling. If you’re managing more than one group, you’d have to click on the group you’d like to add an admin.

facebook group

4. Now click on the Members section. In this section on your page, all group members are listed in alphabetical order.

how to add admin to facebook group

5. Now click on the dotted text box from your all members as shown in the figure.

In your all group members you can select your desired person which you want to make an admin or moderator of your group. Just click on the three-dotted box in front of your desired person then you will see a drop-down menu of options as shown in the below figure.

6. Now click on it and Make admin or moderator as shown in the figure.

Someone you really need to make an admin should be a member of your group, and you also have to be careful of who you want to make an admin because he/she would have the same group rights as you.

As group administrator “your selected administrator” would be able to modify group settings, remove members and give both these members admin status.

Some kind of Questions and answers frequently asked

Question: Can I add more than one Administrator? Is there more than one Director we can add?

Answer: You can, of course, add more than one admin to your list.

Question: Do you want to add 50 admins to your party, or 100 admins?

Answer: Yes, of course.

Question: How can delete an Admin from my Group on Facebook?

Answers: Follow the same you can delete admin from your group are the same as adding admin to the group. Here’s what you should do.

  1. ->Select Admin
  2. -> Press on Members
  3. -> Press the text box next to the existing admin
  4. -> Press on Delete as admin.