How To Make Strong Coffee At Home? 9 Tips

How To Make Strong Coffee At Home

Did you know coffee was discovered in the 9th century? It all started when the goats of a goat herder ate coffee fruit and they started “dancing”. That’s what persuaded a local monk to make a drink with the produce, which made him awake all night. Legends say so.

Apparently, this legend seems true. Because still coffee is consumed to keep you stay active and feel less tired. The amount of energy it gives to you is directly proportional to its strength. In other words, you can say, the stronger it is, the more it will increase your energy level. That’s whymost people want their coffee to be very strong.

Are you so tired that you cannot go to the coffee shop to have a strong cup of coffee? Don’t worry, we have brought nine tips that will help you learn how to make strong coffee at home. Have a look at these tips.

9 Tips on How To Make Strong Coffee At Home

A perfect strong coffee keeps you active

1. Use stronger coffee beans

Using the right coffee beans can help you make a stronger coffee. There are two different kinds of coffee beans; one is Robusta, and the other is Arabica. Arabica tends to have a sweeter and smoother taste with a blend of chocolate and sugar. Meanwhile, Arabica has a harsher and stronger taste. It is recommended to prefer Robusta over Arabica if you want to have a stronger coffee.

2. Roast Level – Difference between bitter and better

Most people think that the darkest roast is better when you need a strong flavor. Just because of its bold, bitter taste. But you need to understand that there is a huge difference between bitter and strong. When the beans are roasted to the darkest, they lose their flavor.

We recommend that you get the medium roasted beans to have a strong taste along with the complex flavor overtones.

3. Grind fresh and fine

Only grind your coffee when your about to make it. If you grind it and keep it for a long time the flavor will be decreased, and you might get a weaker taste. Furthermore, it is advised to grind the coffee finer. The reason behind it is that when you grind it finer, the water will come in contact with more surface area.

But always remember NOT to grind too fine. In this way, you will extract the overpowering bitter flavors. Typically, a medium grind (like the sand on a beach) is recommended, and a coarse grind (like kosher salt) is best for long extractions.

4. Increase the coffee to water ratio

Typically, the ratio of coffee to water for a normal flavor is 1 to 16. That means 1 unit of coffee and 16 units of water. If we convert this ratio for a single cup, we find that 11 grams coffee (0.38 ounces) for 18 mL water (¾ cup). If you find it too weak, you can increase the amount of coffee.

5. Raise the water temperature

Flavors are extracted quickly when the temperature of the water is higher. The most common temperature for making coffee is somewhere between 91 degrees Celsius to 96 degrees Celsius that means 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit. If you want strong coffee, then try raising the temperature a little bit from that.

Water cools down quickly in most of the machines. But if you buy one of the best coffee makers, you will get the advantage of having the hot water for a long time. So, it is recommended to get a good coffee maker for preparing the best coffee at home.

6. Proper timing is important

There is a time when all the flavor from the beans has dissolved in the water. However, the unpleasant flavor compounds are still left in the beans. You will find this after 2 to 3 experiments. But the recommended time for brewing coffee is 2-4 minutes if you are using a French Press and approximately 5 minutes if you are using a pour-over system. Try to find the time when all the pleasant flavor is extracted whichever method you are using.

7. A pinch of salt is all it takes

Yes, you read it right! If you are using an automatic drip machine, try adding a pinch of salt before you start your brewing cycle.

It will not make the coffee salty, that’s only a little pinch. Doing so will make the coffee taste smoother and prevent bitterness. Try it yourself and see the results.

8. Drink it on time

Coffee loses its flavor with every passing moment. If you want to drink strong coffee rather than a flat one then, drink it right after making it. If you need to keep it longer, always store it in an insulated container at 85 degrees Celsius approximately.

9. The extraction must be even

It doesn’t matter if you are using a coffee maker or a pour-over method. The thing that matters is that the extraction of flavor from the grounds is even. Make sure that the water makes every bean wet evenly. In any system, you can try mixing the grounds so there are no hard-packed areas that disrupt water flow.


When you try to make coffee with your own hands at your home, these tips are surely going to help you a lot, especially if you are a fan of strong coffee.

So, what’s stopping you from making a strong cup of coffee?