How To Share Games On Steam And Play At The Same Time

How To Share Games On Steam

How to share games on steam: Valve has introduced the long-awaited “Steam Family Sharing” feature, which allows you to share your games with up to 10 family or friends. It brings people together to share a deep interest or curiosity. You can now share with your loved ones your gaming library, who enjoys playing games enjoy you.

With this option, you can allow a limit of ten computers and five accounts to access your Steam library. This is important to realize that games involving a subscription, a third-party registration, or a registration will not be available for Steam Family Sharing to distribute.

Additionally, playing a game with this app is not as easy as pressing the Sharing button. This post will include a step-by-step guide about how to distribute about-steam titles. So if you’re looking to share your library then follow this route.

How To Share Games On Steam?

As mentioned earlier, you can share your game library up to a limit of 5 accounts using Steam Family Sharing. But the fact that only one person can access your library at a time is worth noting here. It means two players can’t connect the library to play separate games concurrently.

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The measures for sharing Steam Gaming are set out below:

1- Enable The Steam Guard Security Feature

To enable the functionality of Family Library Sharing, you must first switch on Steam Guard Security. The activation step for this feature is as follows:

  • First, open your Steam account, and request details of your username.
  • Click on Steam after that which is shown in the upper left corner.
  • Next please switch to Settings.
  • Click the Account button, and then select Account Security Manage Steam Guard.
  • To search the request “Get Steam Guard codes from the Steam app on my computer” or “Get Steam Guard codes.
  • That functionality will be allowed on your account after verification.

2- Sharing Your Steam Games

Below are the steps to upload your library on gaming:

  • Second, enter your friend or family member’s Computer into your Steam account.
  • Next, go to your screen’s upper left corner and click “Steam.”
  • Then press on Setting.
  • Choose the “Family” option.
  • Make sure Authorize Library Sharing is turned on or checked on this particular computer.
  • To save those changes, click OK.
  • Log in with your Steam account.
  • Now, once they log in to their account, your friends and family members will be able to play games that you shared.

You can also share games on Steam using Discord. Start the game that you’d like to share. Choose Discord Login, choose a server to join, then join a voice channel. Next to the text Screen, click the screen sharing symbol, which looks like a monitor with an arrow on it.

It’s worth knowing that your game progress would not be interrupted when you share your library with others. Another’s game achievements will be saved on their personal account. Furthermore, only one user can access the shared games at a single time. This function could work in Virtual Reality Gaming in the future, as the World is close to VR.

And if you’ve shared a game and want to play it, other people’s updates will show on their phone. Steam should send them a few minutes to save their progress and to keep the game going. In different situations, they are being told to buy the item.