Nine Colourful Pet Birds Worth Keeping

pet birds

Imagine if all the birds were black and white. The world would be pretty dull. Nature has created creatures called “birds” to be diverse, especially the color of the bird’s feathers. This colorful brilliance is not found in every bird species. In this article, we will discuss the nine colorful pet birds that are worth keeping.

Here is the list of nine colourful pert birds


Native to: Macranesian Islands of Azores, Madeira, and Canary Islands.

Body size: 13-20 cm.

Weight: 14-28 grams

Colors: green, yellow, red, orange, and white

The familiar canary may be a yellow-green plumage. But nowadays, canary breeders have improved the breed until canaries come in a variety of colors, including red, white, and orange. 

Canaries are considered pet birds. suitable for small homes condos or apartments Because it doesn’t take up much space to raise and the bird’s singing is not so loud that it disturbs the neighbors. But with the small size and habits of birds that do not like to be touched by humans. Keeping a canary is like having a bird in a cage to look at.


Origin: Australia   

Body size: 10 centimeters

Weight: 15 grams

Color: white, black, orange, red, grey, brown, and various patterns

Finches are one of the most diverse and colorful small birds. In nature, finches live together in large flocks. when together as a group The finches look very attractive with their various beautiful plumage colors and music-like singing. 

rearing side Finches need quite a lot of space to fly and the cage arrangement is similar to the wild. This is great if raised together in a small group. We could only sit outside and watch the birds. Birds do not like to be disturbed and are not the kind of birds that can be played with. If anyone wants a playable bird, look for other colorful birds instead.


Origin: Africa

Body size: 13-18 cm.

Weight: 60 grams

Colors: Green, blue, orange, yellow, white, and many colors mixed in pastel tones.   

Lovebirds are bright pastel birds that are the first choice of parrot lovers who appreciate the color and small size. The lovebird’s feather color ranges from green, blue, orange, yellow, white, and many different shades in one. 

Lovebirds are suitable for bird lovers who have quite a lot of time for their birds. Because this bird likes to socialize. don’t like to be alone Loud and likes to communicate with birds and their owners. which if raised alone neglect without care Lonely lovebirds can become depressed birds that hurt themselves or bite their owners. Remember, these are not caged birds that only need water and food. but also needs care

Budgerigar, Budgie

Origin: Australia

Body size: 18-20 cm.

Weight: 30-40 grams

Color: yellow, green, blue, white

Budgies are small parrots. Native to Australia Likes to live together in a large crowd It can be found all over the country, especially in forests near water sources. The bird’s name comes from the word Betcherrygah in the Aboriginal language. It means good food (good food), no one really knows what it means except the person who named it first. But there is a possibility that this could mean Budgies are picky birds, but they can also eat good food.

Budgies have been popular pets since the 1850s, with only the original color being the first. The bird’s feathers are greenish-yellow with blue accents. Subsequently, the species has been developed to have a variety of colors as seen today. with a highlight in pastel tones

cute budgie Beautiful hair color, especially for people who like pastel tones. Suitable for beginners and can also practice speaking can imitate human voices If you are looking for a pet bird that is not difficult to take care of. Budgies are an interesting choice. But do not forget that birds are very social. Not suitable for lone individuals and busy people. Because budgies will definitely not tolerate loneliness.

Sun Conure

Origin: Northern South America

Body size: 30 centimeters

Weight: 100-150 grams

Coors: yellow, gold, orange, blue and green

The sun conure, as the name suggests, must be bright yellow and orange, like the sun in summer. The colors of this bird are beautifully combined. Start with a yellow face with orange accents around the eyes. The body is orange and bright yellow. Both wings are green with golden feathers and the tail can be found in blue, olive green to bright green. 

Sun conures are on the list of pet birds. super colorful that has been popular for the past several years Every bird lover must know this bird for sure. If you’re looking for a bright-colored bird that you can actually play with, the Sun Conure is one of the best options.

Rainbow Lorikeet

Origin: Australia

Body size: 25-30 centimeters

Weight: 85-150 grams

Colors: green, blue, orange, red, and yellow   

A rainbow parrot or Lori parrot is one of the most colorful birds. with a color composition that can be called flashy Blue, green, orange, red, and yellow with unique vocals. made it visible from afar that it was a lorikeet This parrot is suitable for beginners who want to keep a friendly bird.   

Lori parrots differ from other parrot species in addition to their bright colours. Lori parrots also have a special tongue that they use to feed on nectar from flowers.

Crimson Rosella

Origin: Australia

Body size: 25-35 centimeters

Weight: 150-170 grams

Color: red, blue, dark green, and black.

Rosela is a resident of Australia. The color of the rosella is in the feathers of various shades combined in a single bird. The highlight is the bright red feathers on the head, running down to the body. Redwings alternate from dark blue to almost black. In addition, we can also distinguish the sex of birds from the color of the tail feathers as well. Males have dark blue tail feathers and females have dark green feathers on their tail feathers.

Rosellas are lovely birds that require special care in keeping them. Although it looks like a cute bird, it’s a bit frustrated easily. Doesn’t like to be touched or played with If disturbed, it may bite easily. The owner may play with the bird as much as possible by simply resting the bird on the shoulder.

Cockatoo Galah

Origin: Australia

Body size: 30-40 centimeters

Weight: 280-400 grams

Color: silver, gray, and pink   

Gala cockatoo Native to Australia This bird is eye-catching with rose-pink feathers throughout the chest and belly. The head, wings, and tail are gray or silver. Because it is a common bird in Australia. Raising Gala Cockatoo is therefore quite popular. They are also very polite and friendly birds. Gala cockatoos, however, may not be as fond of being touched as other cockatoo species, so don’t expect this bird to look playful or pleasing to its owner like the youtube cockatoo.

Scarlet Macaw

Origin: Central to South America

Body size: 80-100 centimeters

Weight: 900-1000 grams

Color: red, blue, and yellow

Scarlet Macaws top the list of pet birds and are among the largest of all macaws. When fully grown, its length from head to tail can be up to 1 meter. The scarlet macaw’s coloration is quite pronounced, making it easy to distinguish this parrot from other macaws. bright red hair yellow and dark blue 

Scarlet Macaws are large, loud birds that require more space to raise and exercise than smaller birds. It may not be suitable for raising in narrow spaces such as condos or apartments. In addition, it requires quite a lot of understanding of behavior and care, so it may not be suitable for beginners who are just beginning to raise birds.

Aside from the Scarlet Macaw, there are other macaw species that are just as beautiful.