Why is Node.js the best for real-time application development?


The majority of things today are online and are now happening at the touch of a button. The age of digital has caused us to be lazy and has provided us with a reason to prioritize efficiency. App developers and organizations aren’t able to get to compete with the demands of customers, which are at their highest. Customers are looking for quick and simple services, without the restrictions of apps that are external.

The economy of on-demand is currently growing at a rapid rate and Forbes reports more than 22.4 customers each year. Real-time application development is a must for users today, as it offers them a chance to exchange information regularly with one another.

This article will take the time to look at the main reasons brooklyn web design companies should opt for Node.js for developing apps in real-time. The realm of real-time application development is undergoing massive changes and is expected to see significant innovations soon.

What exactly is Node JS

It is an open-source JavaScript environment that permits server-side development. The first version of the environment was released in 2009, by Ryan Dahl and has since become a norm in the world of development. Node JS can be extremely efficient by nature because it uses its V8 JavaScript engine, which is the basic technology of Google’s Chrome browser as well.

Node JS operates on one thread and does not need to create new threads for each new request. The standard library includes Asynchronous commands and supports non-blocking concepts. Node JS is an excellent option for developers working on real-time applications. It has also proven to be effective in similar scenarios across all industries.

Functions from Node JS

The functions performed through Node the JS within a live-time application include:

  • Collecting user data as well as together the data on a live basis
  • Create fluid material for users
  • Monitoring and correcting the data in databases
  • Writing code and deletion on the server

Global Companies Using Node JS

NodeJS development has increased in popularity over the last few years and is now embraced by numerous businesses across the globe. A few of the businesses that currently rely on Node JS for their operations and ongoing support include:

* eBay

* Walmart

* Yahoo

* Netflix

* Nasa

* LinkedIn

These are only a few of the many companies that are focusing on Node JS over others. There are many more names that are also excelling in their specific fields.

The importance of Real-time App Development

Making apps that can connect with users at present is the current trend for both developers and companies. In everything from mobile applications to websites, developers must create apps that can work in real-time and can serve clear solutions.

The interaction of users with apps is a well-known UI feature and is the primary factor in the popularity of real-time apps. The best examples of apps that are real-time used include:

  • Online gaming
  • The operating system is real-time.
  • Voice over internet protocol
  • Apps for instant messaging
  • Video conference
  • A few transactions on eCommerce

Why Node JS is best for Real-Time Applications?

Now let us look at some of the reasons Node JS is the ideal choice for real-time applications.

One Code

The developers who work on Node JS write a single program for server-side as well as client-side interactions. This makes it very simple for them to exchange information across multiple platforms and achieve an optimal sync. brooklyn web designcompanies no longer have to write separate codes, which allows them to reduce time and continue to execute their current code in the way it is.


The speed of an internet platform or development system is the primary element in its success. Node JS is a great choice because of its speed and provides users with the framework they require to run real-time applications with no waiting time.

Node JS can handle tons of data in a matter of minutes and offer solutions to all users’ requests.

Reusable Code

The code utilized in Node JS is reusable and can be reused over many instances. The reusability of code is one of the main reasons why Node JS is favoured by the majority of users. The feature of reusable code could be a great feature to benefit developers who are transitioning from a different runtime environment into Node JS. The same code that was used on the previous platform could be used here too.

Powerful Data Handling

Node JS is extremely powerful in managing and interacting with data. The Node JS application provides users with the ability to add more information while on the move, using their smartphones or tablets.

When users add information while on the move, the app can use that information right from the start to produce a reasonable response. This suggests that the app is very fast and there isn’t any time lag between actions and commands.

One Language

Node JS is becoming more popular because it is a single programming language that is JavaScript. Utilizing just one language could boost the speed that development takes place and rise results that lead to reliable and flexible solutions.

The reduction of the problem with a single language may bring more rapid updating and better solutions. brooklyn web designagenciescan update their code quickly and without having to wait for the time and effort of modifying codes in diverse languages and programming.


Node JS also stands out in the realm of real-time development as it is SEO-friendly. Search engines, such as Google are awestruck by apps that focus on the ground and are prepared to award them with a positive score.

The Final Words

If you’re in search of an effective and flexible development platform for your real-time application You should try Node JS an attempt. We hope that you will find the features discussed in the article sufficient to make you reconsider.