How Often Should You Wash Your dog? 10 Bathing Tips

how often should you wash your dog

For the new dog owner, it can be little difficult to determine how often you should wash your dog. There are many considerations that should be taken into account when answering the question of how often should you wash your dog such as skin infection, breed, etc.

The main reason dog has to bathe is to keep him healthy. Maybe without bath, the skin of the dog may become infected. So it’s necessary to get your dog bathed to keep him healthy and safe. It’s also reality that bathing can frequently damage the dog’s coat

How Often Should You Wash Your Dog?

There are a few factors on which the answer to this question depends, such as level of activity, medical problem or type of coat, etc. healthy dog that doesn’t have skin condition didn’t even need to wash. The reason to bathe is essential too.

The dog should generally be bathed no more than once month. Consulting with your vet to come up with cleaning plan is far better. For any medical problem, they can prescribe a hygiene schedule, dog bathing supplies, and care instructions.

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Factors of Bathing Dog

Below is list of factors upon which dog’s batting depends:

1- Hair Length

If your dog has long hair that can collect dirt and debris then you should periodically wash your dog.

2- Activity Level

The bathing schedule for dog which remains inside the home most of the time is different. Such dogs need not bathe regularly.

3- Skin Conditions

Many dogs have skin allergies or some health condition that makes them bathe every day or less frequently.

4- When Dog Smells

Furthermore, if you believe your dog smells bad, then it probably needs bath. It’s just a simple rule.

5- Oily Coated Breeds

Some dog breeds such as Basset hounds have an oily coats, such dogs require regular or weekly bathing.

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How To Bathe A Dog – 10 Tips

It is recommended that bath your dog at least once in three months. It can be tricky trying to wash a dog in the tub. There are a few tips, which will make it easier to bathe your dog.

1. Make sure the place is clean

First, you should check that the location where your dog will be washed is clean or not.

2. Buy Shampoo & Other Supplies

There are many specific shampoos for dogs that are easily available on the market and use that shampoo. If you don’t have dog shampoo, you can use baby shampoo too. The hypoallergenic and all-natural shampoo is highly recommended for the elimination of dryness and skin irritations.

can i bath my dog twice a week

Also, get the tub with rubber or non-stick bath mat to prevent your dog from slipping and sliding too much. It’s better to have cotton ball put it in the dog’s ear to block the water to get into the ear.

3. Never Forget To Brush

That step should never be forgotten, it’s the biggest step. Before taking bath, make sure you give the pup thorough brushing to get rid of tangles and excessive hair.

4. Select A Dog’s Favorite Spot

It’s also hard to wash frightened dog. You can make dog bathing easy by choosing a place that is like most to your dog. A lick pad is a great product that really helps while you washing your dog. This distracts your dog and you can concentrate on cleaning.

5. Gather Before You Lather

Once you have your dog cleaned it is important to keep all the necessary items near to you, such as towels. Remember never leave your dog in the tub alone, before going out.

6. Water Temperature Matters

One of the most repeatedly asked questions that we hear “Can I bath my dog with hot water?“. For the purpose of the bathing dog slightly hot water is perfect. Do never use too hot water, as if there is risk that your dog’s skin will burn.

7. Rinse From Head to Tail

You need to follow the instructions that are stated on your shampoo bottle. After that use the soap on dirt places in circular motion. Starting with feet is better and finally moving up to their heads.

8. Dry With Towel

You’ll need to cover your dog with towel after the bath to keep warm. It also reduces the chances of water spreading every where by body shaking. A long-haired dog will take more time to dry.

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9. Never Use Hairdryer

One thing you should remember: never use the hairdryer after bath to dry the dog. There is possibility that harshness will dry out his skin because it’s too hot. The towel provides the perfect drying choice.

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10. Make It Fun

There are few dogs that hate bathing so dealing with such dogs is difficult. The best way to wash them is to make them enjoy bath. First, take dog near water, expose it to water and move to the full bath. Be patient and gentle about dealing with situation like this.