What Does SMH Mean?

what does SMH mean

Smh is a slang word on social networks. It stands for “shaking my head”. It is an alternative spelling of the internet slang. Used to express anger, disdain, dissatisfaction or impatience.

What does smh mean?

SMH is popular online acronym that teenagers and young adults love to use in their social media comments or text messages to convey the same physical body language of shaking their heads in frustration, dissatisfaction, and confusion.

It can be in reaction to the actions of someone else, an incident that has happened. Whatever the reason you shake your head is the only response you can muster.

How “SMH” is used?

The word SMH is sometimes used to express a sense of bemused unbelief.

  • SLG: “Silly Little Grin”
  • SMH: “Shaking My Head”
  • SOSO: “Same Old Same Old”

The right way to use “SMH”

There are no strict rules for using this acronym at all. Maybe you will type in UPPERCASE or lowercase letters or in one sentence or on your own.smh urban dictionary

All you need to learn is that it is used to enhance a more emotional response that words alone it can not express. it is easier and faster to type than texting a message. I am “Shaking My Head” in disappointment or maybe something similar.

Why people use “SMH”?

SMH is an abbreviated phrase. It stands for “Shaking My Hands”. Now a day it is a massive social part of the text messaging trend, that helps people to save their valuable time and It also includes extra emotional reactions that could be easier to communicate in the world alone. As the world continues to accept mobile web surfing and text messaging, you should expect patterns such as wth, tbh, bae, as well as all the rest of these incredibly short-form terms to show up only more in your daily online usage, also with newer ones that are likely to pop up in the future.

Examples of “Shaking my head” use:

  1. A Twitter user tweeted anything about how their favourite football team just lost a match. At the end of the tweet, they could add “smh” to express more their unhappiness:
  2. “The Purple Eagles should have completely won that game! Once a member of the team made the goal, they had it. Smh!”

smh so much hate

For more example of “Shaking my head” Click on some of your favourite social networks to find the term or hashtag if you want to see more examples of this word used in the everyday. Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr are good places to start as they use the word or tag (# smh) in their posts for many people with social profiles/blogs.