How to Change Name in PUBG

How to Change Name in PUBG

It was a brilliant decision on the part of the creators to port the wildly popular series to mobile, and the battle royale game is now accessible on both ios & Android phones.

Because of this, PUBG Corp consistently releases fresh content, and fans continue to love the sport. Many distinctive enhancements that weren’t there when the item was initially published have now been included.

Another of the later-added features is the ability to change an in-name. Even though it is straightforward, many individuals may need to learn how to do it. Here is a tutorial for PUBG for desktop and mobile devices that show how to accomplish it. After this article users can easily Change the name pubg.

How to change the name in pubg pc 

  • How to pubg name pc follow all the steps for best practices.
  • To change your in-game identity in PUBG, you’ll need a “Change pubg nickname” card.
  • It’s important to note that this card will cost you USD 9.99.
  • To purchase the card, visit the shop and the items section.
  • By picking the “others” option on the displays, you may obtain a more in-depth look at the Nickname Change card.
  • After buying the card, select the Utility section from the main menu’s Customize area.
  • After selecting “etc.,” use the Username Update card which displays.

How to change your name in pubg mobile

In addition to being a big success on the PC, PUBG has now dominated the mobile market. One of the popular games, it has a vast esports following. Despite the game’s waning popularity on PC, mobile devices remain in solid demand.

You’ll have a “Name Card,” much as in the PC version, to Pubg how to change a name; however, unlike the PC version for How to change a nickname on pubg mobile, there are various ways to obtain one. Nickname Cards are frequently included with the Royale Pass for the game, both the free and paid editions. Users have previously received Rename Tokens as part of the weekly-run per-week login bonus.

Additionally, we will explain How to change name pubg mobile gamers may purchase the Change Card in person for 180 UC (in-game cash). Paying real money is still better than waiting and earning the card via free-to-play methods. The card may be in the game’s Inventory after you have it. Since you may only use the card once, exercise caution while changing the name. Ideally, this tutorial helped you learn how to modify your Pubg change name. Discuss it with friends, and let us know in the remarks if it toiled! 

 How to change your name on PUBG Free

  • You may modify your Pubg username by doing three simple steps: – Start the application from the home button (main menu).
  • Select Inventory from the menu below.
  • Tap the container icon to the left.
  • Select the Change Card if you do have one, then click Next.
  • After entering your new moniker, click OK. Each day, only one modification request is accepted.

How To Change Your PUBG New State Username

Your title is highly significant in gaming since it is how people will know you and what the remainder of the gaming society will see. Some place names are merely nicknames, while others are creative.

A name may be selected by a player, but they rapidly change their ideas, or they may just feel like altering it since they want anything different.

Changing your card number is straightforward, and it shouldn’t require more than just a few seconds. Just follow these simple instructions:

You must immediately start. There was no way to change a name once it had been selected in the game. Fortunately, they gave you the option to change your card once daily after several updates: Rename Cards! That is how they work:

  1. The opening screen of this application (main menu).
  2. Pick Stock from the cut box at the bottom.
  3. Touch the crate icon on the right.
  4. Tap Use to choose a Nickname Card if you have one.
  5. Enter your new name, then hit OK. There may only be one change of ownership each day.


We explain all the best practices for that How to change nickname in pubg One of PUBG’s intriguing characteristics is its name. It allows the user to select a new title that best defines them. The rename card may also be used to change the name over the term. If you dislike how your team looks, you may alter more than simply the name.

We cover all options for Pubg on how to change the name. You may rapidly change the name by following the procedure outlined in the preceding part of this article.

Frequently Asked Questio About pubg Name Change

How do I modify my PUBG mobile account name?

The app’s main screen when launched (main menu).
From the drop-down menu there at the bottom, choose Inventory.
Here on the right, touch the crate icon.
If you’ve got a Rename Card, select it by tapping Use.
Type your new name, then select OK. Only one rule change per day is permitted

How can I acquire a free name card in PUBG Mobile?

Anyone can get a free Fifa rename card by finishing the assignment, and participating in the squad using crew points.

How do I change my card in PUBG sans changing my name?

If you still need one, you must spend 180 UC to obtain a name card.