Most Beautiful Cities in South Africa that You Must Visit


There are many beautiful cities in South Africa that you must visit while on vacation. This is because in this country there are many amazing communities and cultures to be discovered in every city. With landscape that borders the metropolitan area makes it a unique country. If you are curious about visiting this country, here is the list of the most beautiful cities in South Africa that you must visit while on vacation.

Plettenberg Bay

Plettenberg Bay is one of the most beautiful cities in South Africa that you must visit because it has spectacular views, making this city a popular tourist destination in South Africa. In this city, there are mountains and beautiful white sand beaches and there are many luxury resorts around. With a relaxed atmosphere and lots of activities you can do, you must visit this city when the holiday season arrives.

Cape Town

The capital city of South Africa has always been a tourist destination for many due to its beautiful coastline and the iconic Table Mountain as its backdrop. Apart from beautiful natural scenery, Cape Town is also rich in culture, be it culinary, clothing, to the life of its unique people. In this city, there are many activities that you can do, such as visiting vineyards, diving while enjoying the amazing underwater beauty, hiking, historical tours, and many more.

Mossel Bay

The next city that you must visit is Mossel Bay. This is because, Mossel Bay has a beautiful beach with amazing waves, so this place is perfect for those of you who want to vacation in a nature-themed location. At Mossel Bay, your vacation experience will be enjoyable because you can enjoy the beauty of the beach with soft sand, enjoy spectacular sunsets, or even try your adrenaline-pumping parachuting activity.


Durban is the third largest city in South Africa and has a very big port, the largest in Africa. In this city, the residents are not only from Africa, but also from India, and several other Asian countries, which makes the culture in this city unique. This can be seen in the different culinary cultures. A city on the coast of the Indian Ocean, Durban is a beautiful beach with restaurants and cafes all around it.


In general, many tourists visit the city of Rustenburg because of its location close to Sun City and the amazing Pilanesberg National Park. In the city of Rustenburg, many restaurants are serving mouth-watering South African specialties as well as complete accommodation so that your holiday experience is not disturbed. Apart from that, you can also do hiking activities to enjoy the beauty of this city from a different angle.


Besides being known as the center of the economy in South Africa. Johannesburg is also a city that is superb for visiting during the summer. There are several tourist spots in this city, one of which is the famous Apartheid Museum. Apart from that, you can also shop, enjoy appetizing local culinary delights, learn about interesting cultures, and much more.


Upington is a quiet town surrounded by green gardens and date palms that bear heavy fruit. Upington itself is on the banks of the Orange River with a quiet downtown atmosphere. This city is perfect for those of you who crave a city for a vacation with an atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle. Apart from that, you can also head to the Kalahari Desert or to the Augrabies Falls with stunning views.


One of the must-see cities in South Africa is located just fifty kilometers from Johannesburg. This city is known as a beautiful place to explore. Its leafy streets are lined with some stunning old architecture. In spring, you can also enjoy the beauty of jacaranda flowers. Today, Pretoria is a contemporary city with a diverse population.


Kimberley is a city located in the middle of the Diamond Fields. Besides being known as a mining town, Kimberley also has many great museums and historic buildings that must be visited, as well as a number of hotels and restaurants that offer local cuisine.

Port Elizabeth

Even though it is modern, Port Elizabeth still retains some of its historical aspects. For example, in the city center, there are still some charming old buildings, and there are many hotels and restaurants that you must visit. Apart from that, many people visit this city because of its beautiful beaches and National Park with various wildlife in it.


In the city of Polokwane, you can do some fun activities, such as visiting the Bakone Malapa Open Air Museum which depicts the traditional and modern culture and lifestyle of the Bakone people, the historic Fort Marabastad, Hugh Exton Photography Museum, Polokwane Bird & Reptile Park, and many more.


Bloemfontein is known as a relaxed and peaceful city which makes it great for spending time, although it doesn’t have many attractions. In addition, the city has fine art museums, several shopping malls, and fine dining restaurants. The best time to visit is October as there is an amazing Festival of African Culture.

East London

East London is a city in South Africa located on the coast of the Eastern Cape. Due to its location, this city has always been a tourist destination because of its beautiful beaches. Nahoon Beach is a great place to stop if you’re looking to surf and take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.