How To Track Your TCS Parcel?

How To Track Your TCS Parcel?

Whether you are sending a parcel to friends/family or for official purposes, knowing that your parcel will reach on time is a great relief. Having the ability to track packages is a standard practice among courier services around the world. TCS couriers are one of them.

In order to eliminate uncertainty related to the orders/parcels, TCS has introduced the TCS tracking system for the parcels which enables you to track your TCS packages in real-time. The tracking system feature enables you to explore where your parcel is. This detailed article will help you to know how to track your TCS parcel.

How To Track Your TCS Parcel?

In this article, we have discussed 4 methods to track TCS packages which are discussed below one by one.

TCS Tracking Via Website

Like many global shipping companies, TCS provides shipment tracking numbers to its customers when they dispatch an item. The tracking number serves helps you to find out where your parcel is during the delivery process. It helps you find out if the parcel is in transit, on its way, or stuck in customs. Are you wondering how to track your TCS package? It is extremely easy! Visit the official website of TCS and type the shipment tracking number.

  • Access this link in your web browser: Click here
  • Type the “tracking number” and click on the “track”.
  • You will find out all the details regarding shipment.

TCS Tracking On Call

TCS also allows you to check the status of your package by simply calling the TCS helpline. Call at +9221111123156 and request the customer care representative about the status of your shipment. The customer care representative will ask you to provide the tracking number and share all the details with you regarding your package.

Earlier it was not possible to track parcels. Nowadays it has become very easy to track your shipment.

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TCS Tracking Via Email

TCS also enables its customers to track parcels via email.

  • Open the mailing app and create an email and send it to [email protected]
  • Mention the shipment tracking number in the subject and in email as well.
  • In few minutes while you will receive an email about your shipment.

TCS Tracking Via SMS

TCS also enables its customers to track their parcels via SMS. Follow the below-mentioned instructions to track your parcel.

  • Open create the message in mobile.
  • Write your shipment tracking number.
  • Send a message to +923332177168.
  • You will get a response from TCS which
  • Note: You can only send one tracking number per SMS

About TCS

TCS Tracking is used to track the location of the TCS Package. As a matter of fact, TCS is Pakistan’s most popular courier service.

The company was founded back in 1983. The headquarter is based in Karachi.

It’s a great relief when any important package arrives on time. Most of the courier companies in the world allow their customers to track their package. This is an essential feature of a quality courier company. Same as in Pakistan, TCS is offering this amazing feature. Whether dispatching a personal parcel or In the case of e-commerce business TCS tracking keeps the whole courier experience secure and superior.