How To Write A Check

How To Write A Check

In this modern world Credit cards, debit cards, and online bill paying have taken over the financial world, but not everything has caught up. Paper checks still exist and might be you need it on some occasion or situation, so I think you should be familiar with it. If you haven’t the idea of how to write a check, might be you find it confusing, so here are the steps needed to fill out a check correctly.


Before we are going to the steps on how to write a check, you must know What is check? And are the use of checks still necessary these days or not?

What is the check?

cheque or check is a document from which the drawer orders a bank to pay a specific amount of money from a drawer account to the person in whose name the cheque has been issued — the person who writes the cheque, known as the drawer. The drawer is responsible for writing the correct detail on check including the date, amount, recipient and signs it, ordering their bank, to pay that person or company the amount of money stated. Check is a kind of payment method through which you can pay any kind of bill to someone, you don’t need to carry banknote, just pay with the check.

Still, People Use Checks For Payment?

Checks are an old fashion of payment. But we can’t say that checks don’t have their place in these days. Maybe you face a kind of situation in which you don’t have enough banknote to pay a bill, so you can use the check to clear the payment.

Some smaller businesses may not accept your credit card and still take checks, and there are a lot of business and real estate people who accept only checks. Well, you can also pay your taxes by just sending a check to the IRS. There are few banks or companies that may charge you some extra processing fee for using their credit card to pay a bill, but the best thing about checks is, there is no processing fee.

How To Write A Check?

Maybe you feel ashamed while writing a check for the first time and you have no idea about how to write a check. So don’t worry its quite easy and simple, here are the steps that are required while filling a check correctly.

Step1: Write the date:

Fill the date at the top right corner of the check. The standard format for the date in United States month/day/year.

Step2: Recipients name:

The next line on the check “Pay to the Order Of”  is where you write the name of the recipient or company name on the blank line. Here we write the name whom the check is going on this can be an individual, organisation or business. It makes sure to include the first and last name for an individual. Use a full name for an organisation or company.

Step3: Write the amount (in expanded form):

Write the amount in letters under the recipients; however, cents should be written in fraction form.

Step4: Write the amount (in Numerical form):

Write the amount that you want to take out from your account in front of $ sign. Even if that amount is zero Include the amount in pennies.

Step5: Momo (optional):

There is a memo line on the check through which you can tell someone the purpose of the check. It is not necessary to write the purpose of check on the memo line, you can also mention your account number. In some situations, you need to provide the account number such as television cable bill companies require account number on the memo line.

Step6: Signature: 

At the right bottom corner of the check Sign your name. The recipient will not be able to cash the check without Signature.