OFC Meaning-What Does OFC Mean And Stand For? Internet Slang

ofc meaning

OFC is jargon, these days you will face many strange short terms on like this on social media networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. You just receive a message or text with ofc and you didn’t what does it mean? here you will the ofc meaning and what does it stand for?


People, especially the young generation use such abbreviations for the instant response to a message or updating the status. OFC is the internet slang word that is used in many social media websites and applications. There are thousands of such abbreviation circulating on social media such as OMG, YH, and LMK.

OFC Meaning:

OFC is an acronym that means “OfCourse”. People this short form in their conversation with their friends and family members. It is used in the same way as people use it in normal routine conversation.

what does ofc mean

You will see thousands of new words like OFC on the internet and even daily teenagers come with new slang words. Because of these words popularity, some dictionaries are adding these words.

What Does OFC Stand For?

As we know that what is OFC meaning? Now let’s see what does it stands for. OFC stands for “Of Course“, it is a kind of internet jargon. It is a word that used instead of the word “Obviously”.

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This is the most common definition for OFC when we use this word during chatting. There are also many other meanings of OFC such as another meaning of OFC is “Of Fucking Course” which is also uses by people during texting or some post on social media.

How OFC Can Be Used?

The use of this word “Of Course” is very common in our daily we see it on social media or when we’re texting with friends, people we might often come across the abbreviation OFC. We may not be able to guess its meaning, but it is a very common Slang word that stands for “Of Course”.

of course meaning

Instead of full-term “of course” people use the short form of the word in texting that is “OFC”. Many people use word OFC in texting to save time instead of the type the entire word. OFC is the short form of the phrase “Of Course”, that means the statement is obviously true. Other abbreviation like LoL, OMG we don’t use word OFC in speech, it is only seen in texting.

Can We Use OFC In Formal Texting?

Slangs word can never be used in the formal conversation. OFC is used in informal conversation especially we use it when we are talking with our friends. Formal conversation means when you are messaging or emailing to your boss or a person with higher authority than you.

ofc means

Remember that never use any internet slang or acronym while chatting with our boss or any person with whom you are connected due to some business or office work, it is recommended to use the complete spell of all the slang words like “Of Course”.

OFC Stands For Else

There are hundreds of different terms that have the same acronym but various phrases. The same situation is with the OFC. You will see its various phrases or meanings in different fields.

Slang words can confuse if it is used in conversation between two people from a different field because it’s meaning varies in various fields. So it is recommended to avoid the use of any slang word in such a situation.

After reading this Articles I hope you understand OFC mean, it is acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the OFC definition is given.

Other Meanings of OFC:

  • OFC      Optical Fiber Communication
  • OFC      Original Female Character
  • OFC      Offshore Financial Center
  • OFC      Objective Force Capabilities
  • OFC      Operation First Class
  • OFC      Opportunity Funding Corporation
  • OFC      Old Fashioned Copper
  • OFC      Oxford Farming Conference (UK)
  • OFC      Official Fan Club
  • OFC      Outside Front Cover
  • OFC      Open Food Challenge
  • OFC      Oxegen free copper
  • OFC      Oxegen free Cable
  • OFC      Office
  • OFC      Officers
  • OFC      Objective Force Capabilities
  • OFC      Origin Fire Code

Few Common Examples:

OFC can be used commonly at the start of the sentence, at the end of the sentence or somewhere in the middle of the sentence. It can also be used in response to the question.

Example 1:

1st Person: Will you join us at the party?

2nd Person: “OFC”

In this example, 1st Person asks the question from 2nd Person and Hamza answers him OFC instead of only yes, 2nd Person answer with OFC—implying that their “yes” answer should be obvious.

Example 2:

1st Person: Will you go for a picnic?

2nd Person: OFC

Similarly, In this example, 1st person asks for a picnic from the 2nd person and 2nd person replied to him OFC instead of simply answering him yes.

Example 3:

1st Person: Did you find your dog.

2nd Person: Yea, after hours of searching. OFC  it had to rain! Both of us were completely soaked by the time I got home.

In this example, OFC use in the middle of the sentence.