LMK Meaning-What is LMK? What does LMK Mean?


LMK is a slang word. Slang words are mostly used on social media networking platforms. Maybe you face this kind of short-form during a conversation with friends. Don’t feel ashamed if you didn’t know the “LMK Meaning“. Don’t worry in this article you will know each and everything about the LMK acronym.


These days the usage of social media applications is very popular, the most used applications are Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, etc. People use such internet slang on these platforms for a quick conversation. There are many other such terms such as OFC, BRB, ROFL and many more. I think you should know such terms, maybe you face such abbreviations in the future while conversation.

LMK Meaning

LMK is an acronym, that means “Let me know.” This acronym has the same meaning as we use such phrases in our normal routine life. The difference is only in the spelling. People type just LMK instead of typing its full form. Maybe they find it easy to type just the three alphabets.

what does lmk mean

LMK is used when you need someone to get back to you with extra information related to some matter or anything, in such a situation I think the Let me know is a perfect phrase that you can use. So use this slang word during chatting with friends while you face such a situation.

How to Use LMK?

As we know that LMK is internet jargon, that is commonly used in messaging. These words are used in the same way as we use in a normal life face-to-face conversation. These internet slangs are the invention of the young generation. So If you think you are the only person who doesn’t know what does it means, never feel bad.

lmk text meaning

The social media networking websites and applications are the main place where you will see such acronyms and more slang words like this. I think every day people use new abbreviations while updating their statuses on social media.

Is LMK A Part Of Formal Conversation?

Well, the answer to this question is no. You can not use any slang word in Formal conversation. It means that you can use it while you are chatting with your friends. But can’t use while you are messaging to a person with higher authority than you.

In Formal conversation, you should use the complete phrases instead of using the short forms. Its usage depends upon the frankness level, you can such words even in a conversation with the boss if he is a close friend.

But you need to avoid such terms when someone is linked with you because of office work and he is not in your friend Zone.

Why People Use Internet Slangs?

Slang words are the short abbreviations of a few long phrases, that are used on many social media platforms, and it is mostly used by teenagers. These days the usage of social media is common, even they updated the status before sleeping and after waking up in the morning.

Every day people come with new slang words like LMK. The young generation is behind the invention of all these short abbreviations. They use such terms to give instant response to messages and this also saves time instead of typing the full phrase.

Common Examples

  1. I’ll go with you, but LMK what time so I can prepare.
  2. I think I’m coming down with something. LMK, I can change the reservation.
  3. LMK when you get the newest report.

Related Abbreviation

  • lol — laughing out loud.
  • brb — be right back.
  • btw — by the way.
  • g2g — got to go.
  • faq _ frequently asked questions
  • tbh_to be honest,
  • imho_in my humble opinion
  • ama_ ask me anything


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