Makeup For Dark Skin


All women are beautiful but do you know the best makeup for dark skin? If not then, you must read this article till the end. Brown or dark skin that tends to ‘bear’ can be tricked with certain makeup to make it sexier. Likewise, the dark skin of Asian women needs to be given a finishing touch, so that the exotic is maximized.

 The majority of Asian women have brown to dark skin tones that need special tricks in make-up so that the skin doesn’t look gray and dull. Whatever skin tone we should make up in clean and damp conditions. Skin with dark undertones tends to look gray and dull when applied to dry skin.

Complete Stages of Makeup for Dark Skin

Skin Must Be Clean And Moist

You must use a facial cleanser according to your skin type (dry, normal, oily) so that the benefits for your skin are maximized. “If you are often makeup, do double cleansing and use a special cleanser for makeup,” advises makeup artist experts. According to them, an improper cleanser will make the skin look dull and cause acne and other skin problems. 

After the face is clean, use a toner that works to shrink the skin pores that are open after cleaning. Spray face spray or face mist to provide additional moisture.

Then apply a moisturizer that suits your skin type. Makeup that is applied to clean and damp skin will make the skin tone complexion look fresher and brighter. Afterward, you can use a primer as a skin protectant. It will be easier for you to remove makeup later and unclog pores. 

The Important Role of Choice of Powder Base

The best powder or foundation base is the closest to your skin tone to create an even skin tone complexion. If you don’t find the right color, you can mix 2-3 basic powder colors according to the tone and undertone that best matches your skin color.

 After the powder base is leveled, dab the contours in the area you want to darken, you can use a foundation that is 1 or 2 tones darker. Use it under the cheekbones, the sides of the nose, the bottom of the lips, and the jawbones to create a defined facial silhouette. Blend afterward. If you have dark spots or pigmentation that need to be reduced, you can use concealer. 

Highlight With Highlighter and Bronzer

Finished with the contour, you can add a highlighter to the areas you want to highlight such as the tip of the nose, forehead, chin, and above the cheekbones. Highlighter will give the impression of glow and naturally healthy skin full of freshness. 

If you want more dramatic results, choose a bronzer instead of blush and dab it under the cheekbones, along the jawbone, the hairline on the forehead, and under the chin. This gives the impression of a healthy glow on dark skin. Finish by applying translucent loose powder so that the facial tone is well-locked and doesn’t shift easily. 

For those of you with dark skin, there is also an interesting tip about highlighters, “Avoid using color white, metallic, or silvery highlighters. ” This will make your skin tone appear gray and bluish.


Even if you have dark skin, that doesn’t mean you can’t look beautiful after wearing make-up. The right way to make up and be suitable or compatible with your skin color can change your appearance to be more personable.

Here are makeup techniques for dark skin that you can practice.

Step 1

Choose a make-up style that is not far from the dark skin tone. Never try to change the color of your dark skin to appear bright by wearing a thick foundation or powder.

Step 2

If you like to wear foundation or powder, use a color with a light yellow tone. Avoid reddish colors as they will make your skin look burnt. Choose a powder with a color that is a shade darker than the skin or a shade younger than the skin tone. Apply all over the face, ears, and neck.

Step 3

For rouge, choose apricot or peach color. But if your skin is darker, you should use a golden blush that is combined a little with a dark brown color.

Step 4

Apply eyeshadow or eye shadow with soft colors such as bronze, light yellow, and dark brown. The color combination will leave a fresher effect.

Step 5

Choose a lipstick that is closest to your skin tones such as milk chocolate, soft pink, or dark plum. If you like wearing lip gloss, choose a dark brown color.

Take Note!

Wearing make-up does not mean changing the color of the skin. On the other hand, it covers the flaws and accentuates the advantages of the face. Avoid using contrasting colors on eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick.

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