Top Seven Unique Potted Plants


Potted plants have become one of the most fashionable interior accessories not only for the living room and bedroom but also for the bathroom and kitchen. In this article, we will discuss the top seven unique potted plants that are not only timeless decorations that bring peace and harmony but also take care of the surrounding microclimate.


The undisputed queen of green interiors and the absolute basis of every plant collection. Majestic, with huge leaves, decoratively cut, and at the same time, extremely minimalist. Sounds like a perfect plant. But it is not everything! It is also a very effective air-purifying plant and easy to grow. 


Strelitzias are unique plants of the ginger family, as are bananas and helicons. In recent years, they have become interior design icons, and patterns inspired by their leaves can be found in graphic creations for virtually every living space (home decor, furniture, fashion, book covers, product packaging, advertising, films, music videos, TV programs). These potted plants are fast-growing, easy to grow, and resistant to pests. If we give them a lot of intense sunlight, and in winter, we remember about lighting, we will see a real, green giant in a relatively short time, delighting everyone who visits our home.


Its cultivation and requirements are the same as white strelitzia. These plants differ mainly in appearance. They are smaller, grow up to about 200 cm, and their leaves are small, oval plates set on long, slender petioles. Contrary to the white strelitzia, the inflorescence is iconic of the royal strelitzia. Thanks to them, the plant owes the colloquial name “bird of paradise.” These inflorescences consist of colorful plume-like sepals with an intense orange-yellow color and blue fused crown petals. These petals grow from a transverse, canoe-shaped leaf sheath called ‘spatha’.


Syngonium is a plant that has been on the market for decades. Valued for its fast growth, elegance, climbing habit, and phenomenal ease of cultivation. It has very characteristic arrow-like leaves which divide into a shape like a wreath of fused arrows when they reach the adult form phenomenal. Although it has been known for years, it is definitely not a boring plant. Over time, hundreds of exciting varieties of Syngonium have been created, including a huge choice of collector’s forms, in various colors, colors, and shapes.


Zamioculcas is another item on our list that can be safely called a green veteran. A plant that has always been available on the market and is extremely easy to grow. In public space, it can be found everywhere – in offices, shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, cinemas, and offices. Zamioculcas is a succulent belonging to the picture family, like a monastery. It does not require frequent watering and will be found in virtually every growing position. It is worth bearing in mind, however, that the more sunlight we provide to our zamioculcas, the faster it will grow, and its gains will be much denser.


As one of the famous flowers, orchids come in various types, colors, and sizes.
Also, orchids are easy to grow in pots for home decoration.
But, these plants need the right light, temperature, and humidity.
For that, you should place the orchid in a window or room exposed to bright but indirect light.

Lemon Plants

Not only oranges but lemons can also grow well if planted in pots. Lemons are widely chosen because of their attractive fruit and bright color, and at the same time, they can be consumed as fresh juice.
These types of potted plants can grow well very quickly. In growing potted, you must choose a suitable variety that can thrive in your tiny home.